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About Company

Our company was founded in 2006 and it is one of the largest real estate brokerage companies in Iraq and in Kurdistan. We started our activity in the real estate field with one office. Our slogan was from the beginning of our business (honesty, integrity, loyalty). We have worked in the field of textile trade for 36 years before this work.

We now have 25 branches in Erbil and its suburbs, and we are opening other branches continuously. We also have our business outside the country such as Turkey, European countries and Arab countries such as Dubai and Jordan. We act as a real estate agent in the field of selling and renting all real estate sectors. We have more than 80 experienced real estate professionals in our company who work with sincerity, efficiency, maximum energy and confidence.

Every six months we hold a press conference about the price ratio in the past six months and we review and compare it. For years, in order to inform the citizens, we are announcing prices in more than 130 neighborhoods of the city of Arbil from the lowest price to the highest, in addition to the rental prices.

We are the only company in Iraq and Kurdistan to announce this price ratio. We issue the magazine “Real Estate Guide” in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages to identify all the neighborhoods of the city and beyond.

All foreign consulates deal with us as an economic source in the real estate market in order to obtain information and send it to their countries.

We provide journalists and media channels with information and help government agencies to appraise and obtain government property prices.

We have appraisers section in our company, consisting of the head of the appraisers and a number of expert engineers, contractors and surveyors.

Our goal is to protect the rights of the seller, buyer and investors, and to benefit all stakeholders, and we have a proud history in the field of real estate consultancy.

In the light of this history, we have been able to build a wide network of relations at the level of official figures and government, senior traders, entrepreneurs, businessmen and institutions important in the areas of investment and real estate.